1: 1. Ziva and Tony are back! 2. The chemistry between them. 3. Action-packed episodes. 4. Intriguing plot twists. 5. Fans have been eagerly waiting. 6. New show, new adventures. 7. Familiar faces make a comeback. 8. A perfect blend of drama and humor. 9. The legacy of NCIS continues. 10. Don't miss out on the excitement!

2: 1. Ziva's mysterious past. 2. Tony's witty one-liners. 3. The dynamic duo is back. 4. Riveting storylines await. 5. Edge-of-your-seat moments. 6. Unexpected surprises in store. 7. Thrills and chills guaranteed. 8. Ziva and Tony's reunion. 9. A must-watch for NCIS fans. 10. Get ready for the ultimate thrill ride!

3: 1. Ziva's return to the spotlight. 2. Tony's new chapter. 3. The banter between them. 4. A fresh take on the NCIS universe. 5. The mystery deepens. 6. A new beginning for Ziva and Tony. 7. Action, drama, and suspense. 8. Witness their epic journey. 9. The stakes have never been higher. 10. Brace yourself for the unexpected twists!

4: 1. Ziva and Tony's comeback. 2. New allies, new enemies. 3. The hunt for the truth. 4. Ziva and Tony on a mission. 5. A tale of redemption. 6. The truth will be revealed. 7. Ziva and Tony's legacy. 8. The ultimate showdown awaits. 9. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure. 10. The wait is finally over!

5: 1. Ziva and Tony reunite. 2. A thrilling new chapter. 3. The past comes back to haunt them. 4. The plot thickens. 5. Danger lurks around every corner. 6. Ziva and Tony's journey continues. 7. A rollercoaster of emotions. 8. The countdown begins. 9. Hold on tight for a wild ride. 10. The stage is set for an epic showdown!

6: 1. Ziva and Tony's triumphant return. 2. The quest for justice. 3. A web of lies unraveled. 4. Old wounds resurface. 5. The truth will set them free. 6. Ziva and Tony in the spotlight. 7. A clash of titans. 8. The fight for survival. 9. A nail-biting finale. 10. The saga of Ziva and Tony continues!

7: 1. Ziva and Tony take center stage. 2. The mystery deepens. 3. A tale of betrayal and redemption. 4. Heart-pounding action sequences. 5. Ziva and Tony's epic showdown. 6. The ultimate test of loyalty. 7. A race against time. 8. The past comes back to haunt them. 9. Ziva and Tony face their toughest challenge yet. 10. The new NCIS spinoff is a must-watch event!

8: 1. Ziva and Tony on a collision course. 2. A dangerous game unfolds. 3. The thrill of the chase. 4. Ziva and Tony's fate hangs in the balance. 5. A reckoning is at hand. 6. The battle lines are drawn. 7. Ziva and Tony's journey reaches its climax. 8. A showdown of epic proportions. 9. The final chapter is written. 10. Don't miss the explosive conclusion!

9: 1. Ziva and Tony's legacy lives on. 2. An unforgettable journey. 3. The end is just the beginning. 4. A new dawn rises. 5. Ziva and Tony's epic saga continues. 6. It's not over yet. 7. The legacy of NCIS lives on. 8. Ziva and Tony's story is far from finished. 9. Stay tuned for more twists and turns. 10. The adventure of a lifetime awaits!