1: 1. Meredith saves a patient from drowning in a ferry accident. 2. She performs risky surgery on a bomb inside a patient. 3. Meredith donates a part of her liver to her father.

2: 4. She gives up a clinical trial to save a patient's life. 5. Meredith adopts Zola, a baby with a brain tumor. 6. She helps a friend's daughter in need of treatment.

3: 7. Meredith faces backlash to protect her patient's identity. 8. She supports Amelia through a difficult surgery. 9. Meredith fights for justice for a patient killed during a protest.

4: 10. She advocates for healthcare reform to save lives. 11. Meredith donates her house for homeless patients. 12. She mentors interns to become skilled doctors.

5: 13. Meredith helps a patient reunite with their estranged family. 14. She offers support to a colleague struggling with addiction. 15. Meredith advocates for mental health awareness.

6: 16. She organizes a fundraiser for a patient in need. 17. Meredith stands up against discrimination in the workplace. 18. She helps a patient with a rare condition find a cure.

7: 19. Meredith supports a friend through a difficult pregnancy. 20. She fights for a colleague's job when he's unfairly fired. 21. Meredith sacrifices her career for her family's safety.

8: 22. She raises awareness for domestic violence survivors. 23. Meredith helps a patient with a controversial surgery. 24. She supports a friend through terminal illness.

9: 25. Meredith donates to medical research for a cure. 26. She advocates for patient rights in a medical lawsuit. 27. Meredith stands up to a dangerous dictator for a patient's safety.