1: "Banish love handles with these 10 yoga exercises. Get ready to tone and strengthen."

2: "1. Side Plank: Engage your core and feel the burn."

3: "2. Russian Twists: Target obliques for a slim waist."

4: "3. Boat Pose: Strengthen abs and improve balance."

5: "4. Bicycle Crunches: Burn fat and sculpt your midsection."

6: "5. Mountain Climbers: Work your entire core and get your heart pumping."

7: "6. Twisting Lunge: Stretch and tone with this dynamic move."

8: "7. Forearm Plank with Hip Dips: Challenge your stability and strengthen your sides."

9: "8. Seated Spinal Twist: Improve digestion and detoxify the body."