1: Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly 40 Million USD

2: The 1776 Bicentennial quarter is a numismatic gem, with some specimens fetching up to 40 million USD.

3: Rarity and historical significance contribute to the high value of the Bicentennial quarter.

4: Collectors eagerly seek out these rarities, with some willing to pay over 40 million USD for a single coin.

5: The Bicentennial quarter is a valuable numismatic treasure, with some specimens worth over 40 million USD.

6: In addition to the 40 million USD Bicentennial quarter, there are 5 more worth over 750,000 USD each.

7: These high values reflect the rarity and historical significance of the Bicentennial quarters.

8: Numismatists consider Bicentennial quarters to be an attractive investment due to their high values.

9: With values exceeding 40 million USD, 1776 Bicentennial quarters are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.