1: 1. Chemistry: Tony and Ziva's dynamic is unmatched, keeping viewers hooked. 2. Action: From intense interrogations to daring escapes, the adrenaline never stops. 3. Romance: Fans have been waiting for this reunion - the sparks fly!

2: 1. Legacy: Tony and Ziva are NCIS legends, continuing their story is a must. 2. Intrigue: Secrets and twists keep audiences guessing. 3. Nostalgia: Relive your favorite NCIS memories with these beloved characters.

3: 1. Character Development: Watch Tony and Ziva grow and evolve in this new series. 2. Suspense: Every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat, craving more. 3. Diversity: Explore different cultures, locations, and challenges in this global adventure.

4: 1. Loyalty: Fans have followed Tony and Ziva's journey for years, don't miss out. 2. Friendship: See their bond tested and strengthened in the face of danger. 3. Justice: Join the fight for truth and honor alongside these NCIS agents.

5: 1. Empowerment: Strong, independent characters inspire and empower viewers. 2. Heartbreak: Be prepared for emotional roller coasters and heartbreaking moments. 3. Redemption: Witness Tony and Ziva's quest for redemption and closure.

6: 1. Family: Explore the importance of family, both blood-related and chosen. 2. Twists: Expect the unexpected as Tony and Ziva navigate complex cases. 3. Growth: Watch as these characters face their pasts and embrace their futures.

7: 1. Trust: Root for Tony and Ziva as they learn to trust each other once again. 2. Resilience: Overcome obstacles and adversaries alongside these fearless agents. 3. Diversity: Embrace different perspectives and backgrounds in this diverse cast.

8: 1. Humanity: Tony and Ziva's flaws make them relatable and endearing. 2. Humor: Enjoy witty banter and comedic moments amidst the action. 3. Thrills: Brace yourself for heart-pounding chases and intense showdowns.

9: 1. Tenacity: Watch Tony and Ziva never give up, no matter the odds. 2. Inspiration: Be inspired by their courage and determination to seek justice. 3. Impact: Get ready for a series that will leave a lasting impact on viewers.