1: "Finding 'Ohana' - A Hawaiian adventure full of family bonds and treasure hunts."

2: "The Mitchells vs. The Machines - A tech-savvy family saves the world, and their relationships."

3: "Klaus - A heartwarming tale of friendship and selflessness during the holiday season."

4: "Over the Moon - A magical adventure about love, loss, and the bond between family."

5: "The Willoughbys - A quirky story of family, friendship, and finding where you truly belong."

6: "Feel the Beat - A dance-filled comedy about second chances and the importance of family."

7: "A Week Away - A musical summer camp experience that teaches the power of forgiveness and love."

8: "The Sleepover - A fun-filled night of adventure that brings a family closer together."

9: "Yes Day - A day of saying 'yes' leads to family bonding and unexpected adventures."