1: "Sailor Moon: Iconic heroine who empowered girls worldwide with her strength and courage."

2: "Goku: Legendary warrior who set the standard for power levels and epic battles."

3: "Astro Boy: First iconic robot character who paved the way for futuristic storytelling."

4: "Luffy: Pirate king with a heart of gold who redefined the meaning of friendship."

5: "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Bold series that explored complex themes and psychological depth."

6: "Princess Mononoke: Groundbreaking film that elevated animation to a new level of artistry."

7: "Naruto: Inspirational ninja who taught us about perseverance and never giving up."

8: "Spike Spiegel: Cool and complex bounty hunter who brought depth to the space opera genre."

9: "Yugi: Master of the Duel Monsters who made card games cool and strategic."