1: 1. Tony and Ziva confirmed for NCIS spinoff. 2. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo return. 3. Fans rejoice over iconic duo revival.

2: 4. Paramount greenlights Tony and Ziva series. 5. Excitement builds for new adventures. 6. Long-awaited reunion finally happening.

3: 7. Nostalgia for classic NCIS moments. 8. Tony and Ziva's chemistry still sizzles. 9. Spinoff promises epic storylines ahead.

4: 10. Speculation over Tony and Ziva's fate. 11. Fans hope for happy ending. 12. Will sparks fly once again?

5: 13. Michael Weatherly teases spinoff details. 14. Cote de Pablo hints at surprises. 15. Can't wait for more Tony and Ziva drama.

6: 16. Quotes from the show's creators. 17. Behind-the-scenes secrets revealed. 18. What to expect from the new series.

7: 19. Fan reactions to the news. 20. Twitter explodes with Tony and Ziva love. 21. The world is ready for their return.

8: 22. Fan theories about the spinoff plot. 23. Will Tony and Ziva finally get together? 24. The anticipation is off the charts.

9: 25. A look back at Tony and Ziva's best moments. 26. Why their relationship captured fans' hearts. 27. Get ready for more iconic Tony and Ziva scenes.