1: Tony and Ziva are returning to the NCIS Universe after a long absence. Fans are excited for their reunion.

2: Their chemistry is undeniable. It's been years since they were last seen together on screen.

3: Their return is shrouded in mystery. Will they be back as a couple or just colleagues?

4: Ziva's supposed death shocked fans. Her reappearance will bring closure to their story.

5: Tony and Ziva's love story is one of the most iconic in TV history. Their reunion is highly anticipated.

6: Their return will have a major impact on the NCIS team. Gibbs will have to adjust to their presence.

7: Fans have been clamoring for Tony and Ziva to come back for years. Their wish is finally coming true.

8: Their chemistry is undeniable. Can they pick up where they left off or have things changed too much?

9: Tony and Ziva's return will shake up the NCIS Universe in ways no one can predict. Get ready for a wild ride.