1: Energize your kids with easy Mediterranean diet recipes they'll love in just 20 minutes.

2: Whip up tasty Greek yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit for a nutritious snack on busy days.

3: Try making simple hummus and veggie wraps for a satisfying and healthy lunch option.

4: Bake flavorful Mediterranean chicken skewers with colorful veggies for a delicious dinner.

5: Serve up speedy Mediterranean couscous salad with feta cheese for a portable meal on the go.

6: Treat your little ones to tasty Greek lemon chicken soup for a quick and comforting meal.

7: Create mini Mediterranean pizza cups with whole wheat pita bread for a fun and flavorful snack.

8: Satisfy sweet cravings with quick and easy Mediterranean fruit kebabs drizzled with honey.

9: Enjoy the convenience and health benefits of these 20-minute Mediterranean diet recipes for busy families.