1: Start your week right with these lunchbox ideas that are sure to Beat The Monday Blues for your husband.

2: Whip up a delicious Greek salad with feta cheese, olives, and a lemon vinaigrette dressing for a healthy lunch option.

3: Try making a classic tuna salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread for a satisfying meal.

4: Surprise your husband with a hearty beef and vegetable stir fry served over steamed rice for a flavorful lunch.

5: Pack a batch of homemade chicken and vegetable pasta salad with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette for a filling and tasty option.

6: Prepare a mouthwatering BBQ chicken wrap with lettuce, cheese, and ranch dressing for a satisfying and easy-to-eat meal.

7: Opt for a light and refreshing avocado and chickpea salad with a lime dressing that will keep your husband energized.

8: Treat your husband to a comforting bowl of butternut squash soup with crusty bread for a warm and satisfying lunch.

9: Spice things up with a flavorful grilled shrimp and vegetable kebab served with couscous for a delicious and healthy option.