1: Start your day with a bowl of pho, a light and flavorful Vietnamese breakfast packed with lean proteins and fresh veggies.

2: Try a bowl of congee, a nutrient-rich rice porridge topped with eggs or tofu for a satisfying and healthy morning meal.

3: Dig into a plate of banh mi, a delicious Vietnamese sandwich filled with lean meats, pickled veggies, and fresh herbs.

4: Sip on a glass of ca phe sua da, Vietnamese iced coffee sweetened with condensed milk for a tasty caffeine boost.

5: Treat yourself to a plate of banh xeo, a crispy and savory Vietnamese crepe filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts.

6: Indulge in a bowl of bun thit nuong, a refreshing Vietnamese noodle salad topped with grilled meats and fresh herbs.

7: Enjoy a bowl of hu tieu, a flavorful Vietnamese noodle soup filled with pork, shrimp, and a variety of fresh veggies.

8: Savor a plate of com tam, broken rice topped with grilled pork chops, shredded pork skin, and a fried egg for a hearty breakfast.

9: Discover the delicious flavors of Vietnamese cuisine with these four best five-minute breakfast ideas perfect for busy mornings.