1: Is Ziva and DiNozzo's daughter returning to NCIS? Fans are buzzing with excitement over the possibility of her reappearing on the show.

2: The character of Tali has captured the hearts of viewers, and many are hoping for her return to the popular crime drama.

3: Speculation is high as to whether Tali will make a comeback and reunite with her parents, Ziva and DiNozzo, on NCIS.

4: With Ziva's recent return to the show, fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of Tali joining her mother in future episodes.

5: The dynamic between Ziva, DiNozzo, and Tali is a fan-favorite, and many are hoping to see the family reunited on NCIS.

6: As the show continues to evolve, the question of Tali's return remains on fans' minds, leaving them eagerly awaiting any news of her comeback.

7: Ziva and DiNozzo's daughter, Tali, is a beloved character whose potential return to NCIS has fans on the edge of their seats.

8: The possibility of Tali reuniting with her family on NCIS is a storyline that many viewers are eager to see come to fruition.

9: Will Tali make a triumphant return to NCIS and reunite with her parents? Fans will have to stay tuned to find out.