1: 1. Brew with freshly ground beans. 2. Add a pinch of salt for smoother taste.

2: 3. Use a milk frother for cafe-quality lattes. 4. Infuse your brew with cinnamon or vanilla extract.

3: 5. Chill leftover coffee in ice cube trays. 6. Shake up a refreshing iced coffee.

4: 7. Make a DIY coffee scrub for glowing skin. 8. Try bulletproof coffee for sustained energy.

5: 9. Experiment with different brewing methods. 10. Pair your coffee with the perfect pastry.

6: 11. Add a dash of cocoa powder for a mocha twist. 12. Freeze coffee into popsicles for a summer treat.

7: 13. Make a coffee-infused cocktail for happy hour. 14. Swap water for coffee in your morning smoothie.

8: 15. Invest in a high-quality grinder for optimal flavor. 16. Start a coffee journal to track your favorites.

9: 17. Host a coffee tasting party with friends. 18. Elevate your morning routine with these coffee hacks.