1: Real Weapons in WWE Raw Discover the dangerous real weapons used in WWE Raw, from steel chairs to kendo sticks, adding intensity to the matches.

2: Fake Weapons in WWE Raw Explore the creative use of fake weapons in WWE Raw, such as rubber hammers and foam bats, entertaining the audience.

3: Real Weapons in WWE Smackdown Uncover the brutal real weapons seen in WWE Smackdown, like ladders and steel cages, elevating the drama in the ring.

4: Fake Weapons in WWE Smackdown Witness the playful use of fake weapons in WWE Smackdown, including oversized mallets and plastic trash cans, sparking excitement.

5: Impact of Real Weapons Understand the impact of real weapons in WWE matches, showcasing the athletes' toughness and resilience during fierce battles.

6: Entertainment Value of Fake Weapons Appreciate the entertainment value of fake weapons in WWE, providing humor and fun moments for fans around the world.

7: Safety Measures with Weapons Learn about the safety measures taken when using weapons in WWE matches, ensuring the well-being of the performers at all times.

8: Evolution of Weapons in WWE Trace the evolution of weapons in WWE over the years, from traditional steel chairs to innovative props and gadgets.

9: Balancing Real and Fake Weapons Explore the delicate balance between real and fake weapons in WWE, creating a thrilling spectacle while prioritizing performer safety.