1: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens compete for the title of the superior athlete in friendly arguments.

2: Biles values Owens' hard work and dedication, but believes her Olympic achievements make her the better athlete.

3: Owens brings pro football experience to the competition, arguing his physical strength surpasses Biles' gymnastic prowess.

4: Despite their differing sports, Biles and Owens find common ground in their shared competitive spirit.

5: The couple's playful debates fuel their relationship, enhancing their bond through lighthearted competition.

6: Biles' Olympic gold medals and Owens' NFL career give them bragging rights in the ongoing athlete debate.

7: Their friendly rivalry serves as motivation for both Biles and Owens to continue pushing themselves in their respective fields.

8: Ultimately, Biles and Owens agree on one thing: their love for each other is stronger than any athletic competition.

9: As they support each other's successes and celebrate their achievements, Biles and Owens prove that love conquers all, even the debate over who is the better athlete.