1: Meet the Captain – Naruto Uzumaki leads the team with his determination and leadership skills.

2: The Warrior – Son Goku brings raw power and unmatched fighting abilities to the team.

3: The Strategist – Lelouch Vi Britannia plans every move with tactical precision.

4: The Support – Sakura Haruno provides healing and support to keep the team going strong.

5: The Spy – L Lawliet gathers intel and uncovers secrets for the team.

6: The Assassin – Levi Ackerman takes out enemies with swift and deadly precision.

7: The Mage – Erza Scarlet wields magic and strength to overcome any obstacle.

8: The Comic Relief – Usopp brings humor and creativity to lighten the mood during tough times.

9: Together, these eight anime characters form the ultimate team, ready to take on any challenge and emerge victorious.